Benefits for kids

    Coloring pages is useful for the development of children some of those benefits are:

    * Increases self-esteem and self-confidence by coloring, as a child accomplishes a challenge and finishes the task. In addition to the fun of playing with colors, It also develops the self-assurance of children.

    * Painting and coloring encourage creativity and self-expression by expressing their feelings, emotions, and ideas and develop the creative side of the brain through imaginative ideas.

    * It helps develop muscle control, and hand strength and builds fine motor skills by gripping a paintbrush, sketching lines, squeezing a paint tube, or mixing colors.

    * Children make decisions regarding how they choose to represent an idea, This helps developing the focus by putting their ideas and fantasies to the test.

    * As in meditation and mindfulness coloring and painting can be relaxing to the Child, Which we probably notice when we see kids focusing on their piece of art.