It is almost the end of January 2014. Where has time gone? The long school summer holidays ended on 28 January and yesterday was back to school day for most High School and Primary School students in Australia. I had been busy spending a lot of time with my child during the school holidays. Now it’s back to work. Will post some clipart updates soon.

Coffee Bear Clipart

Hope the new year has started off well for everyone. However, some of us do need a good cup of coffee to begin the morning with. Hope you enjoy these cute coffee bear cliparts.

Individual Coffee Bear cliparts can be found at the  free Coffee Bear Cliparts section of CuteColors.com.

If you’re wondering, the webclipart set coffee bear will always be available at the WebClipart section here. Both may be used on the web but the images at the Cliparts section is larger in size compared to WebCliparts, and produce a better print output quality.